Coinbase, What a Mess: Users Accounts Dried Up

After the crash of January-early February,there is a new problem for hundreds of users of Coinbase, the most famous exchange platform in the world for the trade, purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies (not all are allowed, however, but only a  few, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and  Litecoin, positive protagonist of the last days of exchanges).

Coinbase has taken more money than it should from the bank accounts of some users.

What happened so important, to make the cryptocurrency world tremble again? In the last hours, hundreds of reports are coming through Reddit,  reports from users that show how Coinbase has withdrawn much more  than it should have been. Some even saw their account dried up, complaining about losses of tens of thousands of dollars. This situation  poses another question on the real security in the  world of digital currencies.

After a few hours, the official response of Coinbase arrived, which admitted the existence of the problem, explaining that it was an error made by Visa.

For users, however, the refund will not be automatic. In fact, they will first have to go through the customer service of their credit card and their bank, and only then to Coinbase. Meanwhile, the cryptocurrency market, according to the latest data referring to the ranking  by, seems to hold.

In 2017 Coinbase closed with a gain of 1 billion dollars, an incredible figure if we take into account the initial expectations, which set the limit of around 600 million.

If the platform wants to continue to establish itself as one of the best and safest in the world, it must give proof of solving problems as quickly as possible, and guarantee the total security of its customers.

 The world of cryptocurrencies is going through a time when multiple hacker attacks are damaging its image, the success of this incredible technology depends mainly on the exchanges.

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