XRP: +50% in One Day

 In December 2017 and January 2018 Ripple has literally made a bang, rising from about $ 0.2 to even 3.5 (January 4), with a stratospheric gain of 1.650% in a month.

However, this upward trend proved to be mainly due to a momentary speculative bubble (strictly related to that of Bitcoin), which broke out in January, bringing the value of Ripple around $ 0.6 on 6 February (the same day of the last collapse of Bitcoin).

However, Ripple’s race does not seem to have stopped. First, the post-bubble value (0.6) is still 3 times higher than pre-bubble (0.2), and yesterday in a single day Ripple has gained more than 50%, returning around 1.19 dollars (or about the value he had at the end of January). According to Coinmarketcap, at the moment of writing XRP is traded for 1,15 dollars.

In fact, lately news has emerged regarding the adoption of Ripple by major institutions: in short, their technology is spreading, and the value of the XRP currency is benefiting from this increase in the dissemination and use of their solutions. (remember, in fact, that Ripple is a private company that offers different services, and not just the XRP currency).

Will this race continue? We do not know, and we have no authoritative forecasts to report to you in this regard. However, although the speculative bubble of December / January has been there, also very evident, the euphoria over Ripple’s technology may have been excessive, but absolutely justified. In fact, the project continues to be extremely interesting: we do not know how much this can affect the future value of XRP, but it is worth following closely the developments (above all the technological ones).

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