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The AsiaMTM Group Now Accepts XRP Payments

The AsiaMTM Group Limited is now accepting XRP payments from their customers. With XRP you can make a payment in a matter of seconds with virtually no bank fees at all. You can send the payment directly to their wallet for an instant global payment. Visit the official website or contact them to have further details about the products and XRP payments.

The Asia MTM Group Limited – Who They Are

The Asia MTM Group was founded in March 2009 in Hong Kong and have their base
of operations in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.
When they started, the company product was manufacturing and sourcing services for
people who wanted to build and/or buy products in China, but didn’t know how, or
didn’t have big enough budgets to conduct the services themselves.
Asia MTM currently works with over 150 factories making a wide assortment of
clothing, accessories, electronics, plastics, metals, and anything else you can think of.
In 2011, the company expanded further into Telecommunications and now it is a major
supplier of mobile phone parts, accessories, and whole devices to a customer base
spanning more than 35 countries.
They consider themselves to be one of the best trading companies in China for the
following reasons:
– Western face to the customer (Company is British owned with Chinese
– They quality control every single product that goes out of their door.
– They provide a warranty on all products.
– Returned products come to Hong Kong, not China (competitors want you to
return defectives to China, which is impossible).
– Best in class customer service.

These attributes clearly define The Asia MTM Group as a leader in their industry as
anyone who has dealt directly in China, will know.

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