Ripple Rising Today. Positive Forecasts on 2018 Prices Thanks to Large Companies

Ripple, compared to other cryptocurrencies,  has a strong ally in 2018. In fact, it appears in a very short list that includes the cryptocurrencies  companies like in 2018.

While the market is undergoing a retracement after the collapse of the last sessions,this newS on the XRP listing  could give new impetus to the recovery of the price.

As we write, the price of Ripple today shows an increase of 20%  (real-time data from CoinMarketCap). In line with what happened in the last sessions, all the cryptocurrencies today are in strong recovery. The news that Ripple is among the cryptocurrencies that companies like in 2018 can precisely bring attention to the fundamentals and the particularity of this coin. To include XRP  in the list of 4 cryptocurrencies on which the big companies rely is a report by Matteo Oddi of Exante. Exante is a European fintech company that made history in 2012 by launching the first Bitcoin fund in the world.

According to the analyst, without thinking to the high volatility context that characterizes the digital currency market, many large companies have already activated agreements or pilot projects on some cryptocurrencies.

Not all cryptocurrencies are considered useful for this kind of agreements but all the coins that have ended up in the crosshairs of big companies have, for this reason, an important opportunity for growth. From the point of view of online trading, the Ripple quotation could benefit from this particular interest. In the list of 4 cryptocurrencies on which the big companies rely, there are also Ethereum, Stellar Lumens and IOTA.

It is obvious that the greater the interest of companies in cryptos is, the higher is the level of legitimization of the virtual currencies that they like. Now that everybody is talking about controls on cryptocurrency platforms, the appeal at large companies could prove to be a major factor.

The Exante report recalls the agreements signed by Ripple with American Express and Santander UK and with 37 institutions including SMBC and Resona Bank in South Korea and Japan. All these agreements are aimed at testing Ripple’s blockchain.

Among the most important agreements that Ripple sees on the track is the one with the Japanese financial giant SBI Holdings. This agreement is aimed at creating a single register of credit card transactions. Good news of the last few weeks is that the major Japanese providers have signed up to the agreement. Japan aside, however, the most important partnership signed by Ripple is with MoneyGram, of which we were the first to report the news.


However, regardless of these collaborations, just the appeal of Ripple can drag the XRP listing in 2018. When all the cryptocurrencies today seem to want to recover from the collapse of the last days, look at the concrete to choose on which crypto investing can be a good trading strategy.

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