XRP, the Cryptocurrency With a High Survival Rate

Will long-term cryptocurrencies be able to provide some usefulness in the real world? Well, among the cryptocurrencies that may have a future, the one indicated as the most suitable to survive is Ripple (XRP).

The prospects for development and growth of XRP  seem excellent, despite the volatility of the price of the last days.There is a long term project going on, and it takes more time for great innovations to become a standard.

The company has defined the steps to be achieved over the years, and is continuing to keep pace with its roadmap.


Exchange that accept Ripple are increasing strongly

According to what has been reported by, the exchanges that accept Ripple for the negotiation of cryptocurrencies are constantly increasing.

In order of time, the last company to include Ripple in its exchange was the Japanese SBI Holdings, and a new canadian exchange ready to launch on february 15th. Not to forget BitOasis, the biggest exchange based in UAE, that started to offer XRP since January 30.


The virtual currency different from the others

Ripple (XRP) is a cryptocurrency different from the others, starting from the fact that, for example compared to Bitcoin (BTC), it is not ‘minable’, has the goal  to encourage the creation of ecosystems where, relying on the homonymous protocol , payments can be made in a transparent and fast way, in real time and at low cost all over the world.


In the short term, Ripple involved in the general pessimism

As a result, although currently the prices of XRP are moving in line with what is a sort of general pessimism about virtual currencies, in reality, net of the volatility of short-term quotations, Ripple is increasingly affirming as a global level standard  for international value transfers. Always more companies and financial institutions are showing how this technology can change the way they do business for the better, helping to save huge amount of money.



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