CoinJar Now Supports XRP

According to a post appeared on the official blog of the company, the Australian exchange confirmed that they are now supporting not only Bitcoin, but also Ripple (XRP), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC).

CoinJar is a well-established Australian cryptocurrency exchange that accepts clients from all over the world. Additionally, CoinJar supports sending of funds in fiat, too.

There is also the features CoinJar Touch and CoinJar Swipe, with which CoinJar account holders can pay and send money. This service is available only for Australians.

The trading fees of CoinJar are not the lowest, but more in the average for the global industry. Compared to some other Australian exchanges like CoinTree and CoinLoft, however, CoinJar’s fee is much lower.

This new exchange that confirms the implementation of XRP is just a further confirmation of how Ripple is working well, and how their virtual currency is gaining more and more support around the world.

Further confirmation of the implementation of the XRP in other major global exchanges is expected in the coming months.

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