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Stellar and OmiseGo Gains After Stripe’s Announcement

Stellar Lumens and OmiseGo saw their prices grow after the announcement of Stripe, which  in the past few hours has  announced the intention to introduce the two cryptocurrencies within its ecosystem. The data are clear: both coins, in the 36 hours that followed the announcement, gained 28%.

On the other hand, it could not have been any different, as Stripe remains one of the most famous and trusted electronic payment platforms in the world. This is the reason why Bitcoin lost positions after Stripe announced its intention to eliminate it from its platform by the end of April: basically all the decisions taken by Stripe, good or bad, end up affecting the value of the cryptocurrencies involved.

If Bitcoin leaves Stripe, Stellar and OMG enter. And they do it basically because they are both seen as cryptocurrencies “with great potential”.

The decision still marks a line of consistency on the part of Stripe, which in fact, at the time it announced the ousting of the BTC from its platform, promptly clarified that the move was not to be interpreted as a signal of no confidence in the cryptocurrencies. Indeed, the Stripe product manager, Tom Karlo,  clearly pointed the finger at the slowness and high costs of Bitcoin.

At the present time Stellar travels in a negative area, with a loss of around 13 percentage points and a quotation of 0.5119 US dollars. OmiseGo on the other hand is slightly up: the price has settled on 15,87 dollars, with a positive change that slightly exceeds the percentage point. The trend is therefore a bit ‘weak for both, but after the hacker attack against Coincheck all cryptocurrencies are suffering a loss.

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