Special Survelliance on the Price of XRP Today

The listing of Ripple will be the special surveillance on the market today, because of the latest news related to its ever-increasing global acceptance.

According to what was initially reported by the international media, one of the most important exchanges operating in the Middle East and North Africa has chosen to host the third digital currency by capitalization in its exclusive circle, of which Bitcoin and Ethereum are already part.

The decision of BitOasis, which defines itself as a leading company in terms of trade and digital portfolios in the area mentioned, was announced on Sunday and led to the quotation of Ripple to rise to $ 1.40.

The gains, however, were limited by that climate of generalized market weakness, exacerbated by the massive hacker attack on Coincheck.

BitOasis operates in several countries including the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and Saudi Arabia, all markets that could represent a turning point for Ripple’s listing.

The exchange commented the acceptance of the cryptocurrency with the need to meet customers demands to buy and sell  the main cryptocurrencies in total security.

After touching the historical highs of $ 3.61, XRP has collapsed, and came back to the point of  $ 1.00 threshold. For some observers, however, today’s introduction of XRP on BitOasis could provide a new directional impetus to the price.

At the time of writing, however,  the Ripple quotation is traveling with a 5.44% red, in full compliance with the digital market, still weak after the massive theft suffered by Coincheck.

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