XRP Price Analysis for Monday January 29

The price of  XRP for Monday, January 29, 2018 could see an increase, touching the $ 1.45 this if the trend continues as it has behaved in the day of Sunday 28.

Looking more closely at the price of the XRP we can see that it is slowly but steadily rising. Since Sunday we see a positive outlook on the price of XRP – For many traders the price of XRP will return to $ 3.32 and even exceed that price being able to reach $ 13 in mid-April of this year, we must bear in mind that the recent correction has brought a bear market, buyers are not sure of buying XRP

. We are witnessing  this feeling  throughout the whole cryptocurrency market. Ripple is a currency backed by financial institutions, the seriousness of the project and the benefits that the payment system of XRP has brought to the market are many, as the project has solid basis.

From my personal point of view and not as investment advice I can say that, this fall in the price of XRP as well as in other cryptocurrencies Can be seen as a buying opportunity, I do not think we will see this price again in 2019. The same It has happened with the BTC which has had abrupt drops and then recovered. Something similar happened a few years ago with the price of Litecoin which dropped by 90% from $ 48 to $ 8 dollars. At the time, those who took advantage of the panic to buy large quantities now see their profits.

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