Stellar Lumens

Why Stellar Could Become a Leading Cryptocurrency in 2018

At the end of last year, Stellar Lumens became one of the digital currencies which showed rapid growth. For half a month, he was able to increase by 500% and later, in just 6 days, he rose to $ 0.91.

The developers  are implementing plans to give to all users  the ability to create tokens, which can then be evaluated within Stellar in different currencies, even in the fiat.

Stellar  it’s not just a great way to launch the ICO. Thanks to this platform, you can make money transfers. For example, you can create a dollar token and rate it in $ 1, which will have a link to the dollar. This represents a good potential for the application of Stellar in the real world.

Perhaps the most important advantage of cryptographic currency is its open source code and platform scalability. To date, the system can easily execute several thousand different transactions in one second, with the operation confirmed in five seconds.

Using SCP technology, the platform enables the exchange of cryptographic and fiat currencies, as well as tokens and other resources.

You can also use multi-signatures and Stellar smart contracts, which allows you to extend the functionality of your network. Another advantage of working with cryptographic currency is:

– You can create many micropayments in this system;
– small commissions for various transactions;
– it is possible to work with different cryptocurrencies within this platform;
– the work is performed in real time;
– for greater security, cryptographic cryptography can be used;
– automatic procedure for the exchange of tokens;
– the ability to build on the basis of Stellar Lumens customer and plug-in protocol.

At the present time, Stellar Lumens has distinctive perspectives. More recently, the price of this currency has increased, sand the main reason for the price jump was the announcement that the cryptocurrency concluded an agreement with companies from four different countries, after which low-cost monetary transactions became available to them. The companies are: Time Money Transfer, ICICI Bank, Flutterwave, This is not a complete list.

As you know, there are also Chinese companies that conduct large-scale trading transactions, and this only increases the cost of tokens.

Despite the fact that the XLM token entered the cryptocurrency trade list in the middle of last year, it was already able to offer its investors a big profit. Today XLM can be seen on sale on cryptocurrencies exchanges as Poloniex, Kraken and Bittrex. This wide adoption  provides the token with a serious growth. Stellar has already entered the TOP-10, bypassing Dash, IOTA and Litecoin.

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