Stellar Lumens

Stellar is the Best Performer of the Asian Market Today

Today’s best performance in the Asian trading session is Stellar Lumens, which is currently trading at $ 0.64. According to Coinmarketcap, it has increased by 11% in the last 24 hours, while the rest of the virtual currencies in the top 25 have barely exceeded 5%.

What was perceived as a bullfight began yesterday seems to have vanished. XLM has continued strong and has reached number 6 on the market capitalization lists.

The renewed interest could be supported by the fall of the online payment company Stripe, Bitcoin, and by considering Stellar as an alternative digital payment platform.

Stellar Lumens is exactly that, a hybrid blockchain that facilitates the transfer of currencies and assets. It has the advantage of operating hundreds of times faster than Bitcoin and at a fraction of the cost. It could also be that Mobius announced yesterday that he has raised $ 39 million in his ICO that was executed in Stellar instead of the usual standard, Ethereum.

XLM has a current market limit of $ 11.5 billion; there are 100 billion tokens in total with 17.8 billion circulating. The three main exchanges are South Korean Upbit, Hong Kong’s Binance and the American Bittrex.

We will see how Stellar is shared on the weekend, and the day of Monday 29 when they reopen the Asian markets.

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