XRP Price and Market Analysis on January 23

Ripple XRP price continue to fluctuate up and down because of many reasons. In the last 24 hours its price dropped down from $1.40 USD to $1.14 USD in the last 3 hours. And now at present it has recovered a bit at $1.26 USD. So overall in 24 hours it has dropped -8.04% in value within the crypto Market. In last 24 hours the market cap fell from $ 54B USD to its present price of $ 50B USD now. There are many factors which would play a role in the daily price and value changes for it in the cryptocurrencies market.

Overall the cryptocurrency market has declined in the last 3 days. The major cryptocurrencies are falling in price now much like Bitcoin (BTC) as the most popular coin. Now it’s at top value but still BTC drops in price 13% in the last 24 hours, and its market cap fell from $ 192B USD to $ 183B USD at present. So, in 24 hours the BTC market cap fell $ 9B USD.

So as the price for BTC, ETH, and LiteCoin steadily drops. Ripple (XRP) does also, but once the Crypto market regains its loss the prices will return to normal again.

Investors are looking too shy to invest their money into the cryptocurrency market, because it seems it is less certain than before. And they are investing in options that they are more confident in. This is due to many familiar factors. As a result, the cryptocurrency market continues to drop. Hopefully, it will stabilize in this coming weekend, as Ripple (XRP) and all the other major coins return to their normal value. So, with this, Investors are also hoping to invest more money into Crypto Currencies again. The reality may prove more prosaic, since Ripple (XRP) is unlikely to disappear from the rat race any time soon.


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