Stellar Lumens

Why Stellar Lumens Could Be the Next Top Cryptocurrency

XLM is an alternative cryptocurrency with huge potential. It is going to be huge after bitcoin this coming year. As stellar is growing day by day, the developers of stellar have hired experts of blockchain to create the best technology that they can.

The biggest point is that the  developers have already signed partnership deals with other high profile companies and individuals to both use the virtual currency and promote its use.

It’s shocking that the market value of the XLM quotation has up-risen from $2.5 billion to $12 billion. Well, it is good for the stellar in virtual coin because this happened at a time when the market of the virtual coin was collapsing. From that day, stellar has dropped a little to $9 billion, but at the end of the day, it shows the expanded popularity of the virtual coin.

As we all know that the biggest and the largest cryptocurrency “Bitcoin” is $197.86 billion, on the other hand, the experts of Stellar have predicted that the market value of stellar could rise to $183 billion in one year, which is ambitious. Well, if stellar to hit this figure, they would have increased by 1700.

IBM announced in 2017 that their company would use the virtual currency to speed up and make possible the cross-country transactions in the South Pacific. The creator, Jed McCaleb said that nowadays payments from cross-border tend to take up few days to clear. He further said that this implementation is assured to start an extreme change in the South Pacific nations. It will change the way money is transferred around the world, once it fully scaled by its banking partners and IBM. Moreover, it will help to improve advancing financial inclusion and existing international transactions in developing nations.


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