HYCM, Leader in Cryptocurrency Trading, Added XRP and Bitcoin Cash to Their Offer

HYCM, a multi-regulated globally leaders in online cryptocurrency markets trading, has been launched trading on two additional cryptocurrencies, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash, adding XRP/USD and BCH/USD so it’s a HYCM range of cryptocurrency offerings.

HYCM CEO commented “there is no doubt that cryptocurrencies play a key role in the forex trading as well as in the industry as a whole. So we are expanding our offerings to help out clients diversify in cryptocurrencies in the same way as they do in traditional instrument way. With adding Ripple (XRP) to our platform, HYCM is making it easier and more accessible for investors seeking opportunities to the capital on the performance of even more of the most in-demand Ripple (XRP) cryptocurrencies nowadays.”

Ripple (XRP) is facing a quiet of things which makes Ripple (XRP) prices is falling a little bit many investors are nervous now causing Ripple prices decline, in last few days. But hopefully when market stables again new Investors will make their investment in the new pairs launched by HYCM.

Ripple (XRP) is building an internet of value, said the Co-founder of the company, by helping send money across borders faster and cheaper without many conditions. Larsen said that we’re talking about trillions of dollars that are still stuck in the world. So we are fixing the cross-border payments. Ripple (XRP) is analogous to building an internet of value. So that’s why they are so excited about that category.

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