Ripple and XRP: A Gem in the Crypto Ocean

The Ripple (XRP) price continues to remain stable from the last 3 days, with all cryptocurrency Markets remaining somewhat stable these days and on this weekend. Hopefully, the market will remain stable in next coming days as well. Ripple (XRP) price continues to outperform stable indexes as the market recovers. Ripple (XRP) has since slipped back down into a slump of $0.80 USD in the last couple of days, but now it is making a strong comeback. And is maintaining a high performance within the Cryptocurrency Market.

Meanwhile, Ripple (XRP) has outperformed and its index recovers their market as the price continues to gain stability again in the last few days. Since the price briefly falls below $0.90 USD on Wednesday Jan 17, 2018, the price until now on Saturday Jan 20th, 2018 remains around $1.60 USD. Which means it has increased 80% in price in the last 3 days as the market stabilizes again.

At the time of writing, Ripple (XRP) market cap clearly shows signs that its continuing to remain stable in the last three days. The market cap has recovered from $ 36B USD to $ 61B now on Jan 20th, 2018 Saturday. Ripple (XRP) now is starting to show its likelihood to retain a presence in the cryptocurrency market. While remaining connected to investor optimism with the ever-increasing number of financial institutions which have readily adopted Ripple’s (XRP) blockchain technology, it continues to grow now using this Blockchain technology.

While some of the major companies like MoneyGram also has implemented the Ripple (XRP) tokens itself, many investors appear even more willing to invest their support in its growth, and others are hopeful to integrate it within the near future. Ripple (XRP) has a completely different idea. Ripple continues to be using the same breakthrough technology but is using it to build a currency agnostic value-exchange. So many cryptocurrency market experts are predicting that Ripple (XRP) may need to make more coins, in order to keep up with the demands on the market. Meaning that the Ripple market cap will go up and this is sure to cause the price of it to automatically rise.

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