Stellar Lumens

The History of Stellar Lumens

What is the story of Stellar Lumens? Let’s start by saying what Stellar Lumens means. It is a name composed of Stellar, a platform based on blockchain technology that serves to connect banks, payment systems and people; and from Lumen, the cryptocurrency offered by Stellar.

The Stellar network is decentralized and offers software, tools and documentation necessary for those who want to implement their technology (as previously done by Deloitte, Parkway and Tempo Money Transfer). The transactions in Lumen are very fast and last a few seconds.

The Lumen cryptocurrency was launched via an ICO in 2014 under the name Stellar. Ico are tools to obtain financing for innovative projects, such as start-ups or cryptocurrencies. In many cases, however, these were bad projects or genuine scams. But there are also positively finished examples, such as Ethereum.

In 2015, after the complete update of the network, the name of Lumen was chosen, in order not to create confusion and diversify the token from the network itself.

At the time of writing, Stellar Lumen (symbol: XLM) ranks eighth in the ranking of the best cryptocurrencies in the world by market capitalization and boasts a marketcap of more than $ 9 billion. To understand its growth, just consider that in October (without going very far in time) was in 16th place with about 600 million dollars of marketcap.

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