Here’s Why XRP Will be the Number One Cryptocurrency

As the news about Ripple  intensifies, and also the anticipation of fast gains grows within the hearts of the company’s most ardent investors, there’s very little doubt that this altcoin can once more prove itself as a major player within the next months. With the Twitter feeds all droning, and some predicting a US$10 value target, it’s most likely time we tend all to take into consideration the potential of this fantastic mover within the cryptocurrencies world.

There are two main reasons why XRP can become the best cryptocurrency circulating:


Media Coverage

The media coverage on Ripple (XRP) over the last month has been very important to create interest around the company and the token itself. Beginning with rumors about a listing on Coinbase, and followed into 2018 with the cryptocurrency’s potential use by Amazon and  Moneygram the thrill around Ripple (XRP) is ever-growing. And new participants are keeping up the excitement, ready to cash out the potential digital gold that XRP may become.

Ripple (XRP) allows banks in varying regions of the world make fast, verifiable transactions. For these institutions, Ripple has proven itself as a useful solution. And when the token is finally accepted onto Coinbase and used in the transaction systems of major corporations,we will see all the media come up stronger to talk about Ripple and XRP.

Catch the Dip

To get profit from the cryptocurrency market, but also in any other economic field, you just need to do the easiest and most reasonable choice; Buy low and sell high. The recent crash in the coin market opened new opportunities of buying, and for some this was the last chance to get cheap XRP. Wise investors bought a lot of tokens because they trusted in the company, and XRP was the best cryptocurrency just after the market crash.

New investors were also attracted by the losw price of the token, and this brought many new followers of the company, increasing its reputation and value.

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