Ripple is the Best Crypto on the Market Today

The data that  emerge from the performance of Ripple today are  not so much on the prospects that the recent increase could open but rather that inherent in the comparison with other cryptocurrencies. At a time when the XRP race seemed to be unstoppable, there was much concern about the possibility that investing in Ripple could provide wider profit margins than possible with other cryptocurrencies.

In consideration of what is the trend of the XRP listing today, it can be said that these discourses, after all, were not entirely false. According to CoinMarketCap data, the Ripple quote today beats that of all other cryptocurrencies. In particular, while XRP shows an increase of around 19%, the BTC price increases by just 4%, while the ETH price marks a gain  of 5%. In practice Ripple today is the cryptocurrency that marks the strongest rise.

Just to provide traders with a complete picture, the crypto that marks the weakest positive change is the Bitcoin Cash that appreciates not even a percentage point. What is happening on the cryptocurrency market is a sort of deep repositioning with respect to what was the trade of just a week ago.

Until a few days ago, in fact, there had almost been a flight from Ripple with corollary of rumors about a possible sell off. The collapse of the Ripple quote was by far the most pronounced and had caused a stir. Now, with the same speed with which the XRP quote has collapsed, the purchases have returned.

The data released by CoinMarketCap in real time leaves no room for doubt: the collapse of Ripple and archived and the Ripple quote today records a double-digit gain. After falling from the nightmare of being slammed below 1 dollar, Ripple has returned abundantly above this critical level. As we write the listing, XRP is  around 17% at 1.63 dollars.

The fact that the cryptocurrency is reduced to 2 dollars is considered very important by analysts. This movement, in fact, could allow the listing of XRP to hang up 2 dollars, a level considered fundamental from the point of view of technical analysis.


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