Ethereum: Hard Fork. All the Informations

The split should lead to the creation of the EtherZero cryptocurrency, on which the interest of analysts and investors was immediately focused. As mentioned, the hard fork on Ethereum will allow EtherZero to come into the world. The split will aim to stabilize the price of ETZ, which at least in the short term should be around 10% of that of the mother cryptocurrency.

The fork will take place at block n. 4,936,270, approximately between 19:00 and 21:00 on January 19th GMT+1. The total offer will be 116 million EtherZero tokens: each ETH will distribute an ETZ.

Immediate payments, scalability of the two-layer network (essential for decentralized app support), Masternode and smart contract. The size of the Blockchain nodes will remain 2 megabytes.

The project devteam says that Ethereum users will receive about 116 million ETZ tokens, where 1 ETZ is equal to one ETH. They have also set an ambitious goal to “pick off” 10% of Ethereum capitalization ($ 102 billion as on January 21, 2018).

The main characteristics of the Ethereum fork can therefore be summarized as follows:

  • zero commissions on transactions;
  •  Masternode system
  • Immediate payments
  • autonomous governance system;
  • high-scalable two-layer network system.

All eyes will now be focused on the price of Ethereum and the fluctuations of the quotation a few days before the expected fork. For analysts, the mother cryptocurrency will be positively affected by the cleavage and will be subject to an evident rain of purchases.

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