Ripple Keeps Flying High: +77%

After the market crash of the last two days, Ripple does not seem to want to stop any more and continues to regain all the value lost due to the crash.

Among the most important digital assets, XRP is the one that scores the highest percentage, recording a + 77%, trading around 1.82 Usd, according to Livecoinwatch data. Investor confidence seems to be back even among the least brave, and the opportunity to buy XRP at such a low price has certainly attracted new investors.
Even the purchases of the large trading exchanges, which we try to report continuously, may have affected the rapid rise in price.

XRP price went well below the $1 mark on Wednesday, reaching out  $0.8771, in the depths of a global cryptocurrency sell-off.

Our analysts said that XRP is expected to rise further in the upcoming weeks, because of the many announcements the company is expected to release. We just have to see how the cryptocurrency market will evolve in the coming days.

Also bitcoin and ethereum, the first and second largest virtual currencies by market value, appeared to stabilize after Wednesday’s lows. Bitcoin fell as low as $9,199.59 on Wednesday morning, but bounced back to $11,838.98, Ethereum  dived below the $800 mark to a three-week low of $780.92 Wednesday, but lifted to $1,092.35 the following day. It was up more than 7 percent in the last 24 hours.

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