Insider Trading – Corruption, Unregulated Markets

Author: Andrew French (Twitter @asiamtm)

The news yesterday of some South Korean officials being involved in insider trading / corruption was
shocking, but, it’s not to be totally unexpected. We’re dealing in a totally unregulated market, so
whilst we engage in these types of environments, these things are going to happen. Fear and greed
are essential parts of financial markets, whether we like them or not. It’s part of Human nature.
Fundamentally, we should be able to see these issues being priced into XRP now, as shown below in
the 4H candles for our newest recovery/bounce back phase. We have a long way to go still, but all
the cryptos have been affected, so we’re not alone.

As a crypto enthusiast myself, I’m no fan of regulation, however, we’re entering a new age of
economics of which, digital assets are going to be very much a part of. When Bitcoin came into the
public eye, it was thought that it would take over and the banking system would become obsolete

with the people of the world entering financial and political freedom from the banksters and elite,
however, that’s not realistic.
Believe it or not, the banking system, in various forms, has been around since the Roman times,
which were thousands of years ago, so it’s pretty much a core part of Human culture, and it’s not
going away. What is much more likely to happen, however, is for the system to adapt to change and
embrace the digital currency age we’re entering. This, along with global governance, means,
What would the world look like in a post regulated format? It’s a good question and we cannot really
know the answer until it happens. Once thing I am quite certain of though, is that any digital asset
that was created to help banks with their cross-border payments, will have a more than excellent
chance of prevailing. Of course, I’m speaking of Ripple/XRP.
Q1 2018 should be a defining period for this year and some exciting things are on the horizon, some
of them are already in sight. When we’re dealing with world changing technologies though, time and
patience is the key to thriving in the new world of which awaits.
Disclaimer: I personally own XRP digital assets and am a long-term investor/holder in the product. I
am not a financial advisor and my analysis reports are not intended as any kind of investment or
financial advice.

Author: Andrew French (Twitter @asiamtm)

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