The petition to Save Cryptocurrencies Started in South Korea Counts More Than 200000 Signatures

The petition to save cryptocurrencies from the collapse has already received more than 200,000 signatures

The collapse of the cryptocurrencies continues, but not all have remained still.In the last two days, the quotations of the main cryptocurrencies on the market have recorded big losses, and now they  fear the bursting of a speculative bubble again.

To determine the collapse of cryptocurrencies were the “threats” coming from China and South Korea, both ready to impose new trading ban, we wrote about that in this post of january 11.

The news has particularly shocked Seoul, from whom most of the cryptocurrency activities come. The harder supporters of the phenomenon have not remained seated to watch, and have recently given rise to an anonymous petition.

The target of the petition is  to save cryptocurrencies, preventing the government from imposing the threatened ban on trading. In reality, the petition was launched last December 28, but today it is already counting about 212,000 subscriptions. The exceeding of 200,000 in a month should have led to a response from the authorities, still awaited today.

“Our people have been able to dream like never before in South Korea and all thanks to virtual money,” said the anonymous author of the petition, according to what reported by the CNBC. The reference could be at that rate of youth unemployment at 9% (three times higher than the national average) which has led many to look favorably at cryptocurrencies.”People are not stupid; virtual money is invested because it is considered a fourth revolution, “he added.

Today, at the time of writing, the collapse of cryptocurrencies is still evident. The Bitcoin has slipped below $ 10,000, the Ethereum has broken support positioned at $ 1,000, while Ripple is questioning the $ 1.00 threshold.

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