• 1 month ago
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Exchanges are Buying Huge Amounts of XRP

The market crash is still going on, and like many investors, also the big cryptocurrency exchanges take advantage of the moment and buy big quantities of digital coins, For example, according to XRPL Monitor, Coincheck has just bought 51,304,420.981628 XRP in the first transaction, and 17,000,099.85 XRP in the second one.

With prices so low, the exchanges can consolidate their wallets and be prepared to make huge gains when the market returns to stability, but also shows that they believe that soon the price will return to higher levels.

Who would invest all that money without having the certainty, or at least a high probability of economic return? No one can predict when the market will return to move towards the + sign, but one thing is certain: it is in the interest of all the great cryptocurrency exchanges.

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