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Breaking: Ripple XRP could go high very soon after North and South Korea reached a deal

Sport could be a useful tool to dissolve international tensions. The two Koreas will parade together under the Korean flag united at the opening ceremony of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, scheduled for February 9th.

It is one of the agreements reached, on the basis of a joint note, in the meeting that took place today in Panmunjom, a village near the border marked by the thirty-eighth parallel. The North Korean delegation will consist of 550 members, including 230 cheerleaders, 30 taekwondo athletes and 150 Paralympic athletes. On Monday, an agreement was reached on the sending of an orchestra composed of 140 musicians who will perform in Seoul and in another place involved in competitions, Gangneung, 240 kilometers from the capital ..

The North Korean team will enter the territories of Seoul by land, passing through the industrial area of ​​Kaesong, closed since February 2016. The arrival by sea would in fact be a violation of the multilateral sanctions to which the Kim Jong-un regime is subject.

South Korean exchanges are an important asset of XRP, BitHumb represents between 35-50% of the market of XRP.

Our source, Gahiju Takito, a senior analyst in Seoul at HFG, told that South Korean government is trying to accelerate on peace process with North Korea and it means a possible boost for cryptocurrencies market, especially XRP. In fact, according to Takito, between tomorrow and the end of the week, many financial institutes are planning to buy huge amount of XRP, especially now that the price is around 1 USD.

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