Don’t panic: Ripple XRP is recovering

After a fall of -21% in the last 24 hours, XRP is now gaining +6% in the last hour and its price is back around 1.60 usd.

This analysis is short, but very clear: if you know Ripple technology and follow our news site, you know that Ripple is not just its digital currency, but it is also three products developed by Ripple.

As one major financial analyst said, we need to see Ripple technology over the medium to long term. In fact  we have to consider those coins  as the Ripple company’s stock. If Ripple is able to sell its products, build partnerships and generate profits, XRP will grow.

Falls and rises are normal.

The partnerships with Moneygram, the adoption of Ripple technology by some banks is just the beginning. If we look at the chart in recent months, XRP has gained over 500%. Talking about falling is a lie.

Our advice today is to keep XRP and to buy, the target price is set between 1.55usd and 1.80.

If you think that Ripple is like the other cryptocurrencies you did not understand what Ripple is. The potential of Ripple is beyond the value of XRP.

We are waiting for the next few weeks where there will be important updates from the company. The financial revolution has already begun, but someone can’t see it.

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