Important: Ripplenet may be a scam wallet

According to famous XRPchat, users started to alert about a site that claims to be a legit wallet.

An user called Sneakyfish5 wrote few hours ago:

Now it seems a new ripple site called has turned up. I’m 99% sure it’s a scam and linked with xripplewallet as the privacy statement has a 98.1% likeness according to copyleaks:

On top of that, a member of The Real Zerpbox Discord made an account. On the dashboard, it shows a BTC/USD chart.

If anyone wants to look into this closer please feel free. If it’s concluded that they are scams, hopefully someone from Ripple can take care of it and shut this down. 

We, as Ripple News Tech,  suggest to pay attention to sites that promise to offer services about Ripple. We are monitoring the situation with the community and we will keep you posted.
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