According to a Poll, 79% of the Readers Think XRP is Going to Take #1 Spot in Cryptocurrencies.

According to a poll appeared on , XRP is going to be the next main cryptocurrency. 79% of the readers. This might be because of the recent deal between MoneyGram and Ripple, and because of the announcement by CEO Brad Garlinghouse that many other collaborations will follow in the next future.

Investors seem to regain trust in the cryptocurrency, and our analyst told us this that this postive trend is expected to last at least until  the end of january.

John Coviello, author of the poll, indicates few more reasons to keep a close eye on XRP price:

“There are several other reasons why Ripple’s XRP cryptocurrency should be closely watched for indications that it is going to be a big winner in the long run. The following are some positive aspects of XRP and the parent company Ripple.

  • XRP can be also be used to process domestic financial transactions or even transactions within a large financial organizations.
  • It may be the first cryptocurrency to be widely accepted and utilized by the existing international financial system, which will make it a household name.
  • The company behind the coin, Ripple, appears to have strong management that is making the right moves to make the cryptocurrency successful.
  • Ripple is the most valuable privately held company in Silicon Valley; indicating that venture capital investors believe in and have put money behind the company’s vision.”


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