XRP Price is Regaining Incredibly Fast

After the recent  official announcement  about the collaboration between MoneyGram and Ripple (anticipated by our article  14 hours ago) the price of XRP is soaring, gaining 16% in just more than an hour. The company needed a big announcement to reverse the trend of the last days, and an announcement has arrived. Not only that, the CEO of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse, wrote on his Twitter account that this is only the first of many other collaborations that will follow in the coming months.

The future seems to shine again for Ripple, after the controversies and the fake news of the past few days, where will Ripple really get now that the collaborations are starting to become official?

According to our analyst, if the announcement will not be too distant in the time, XRP may reach 4 Usd by the end of january. Othrwise it will be a slower process, that could take the digital currency to hit 4Usd by the end of march.

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