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Russia bets on Blockchain technologies with its leading bank

As reported by state media Russia Today, SberBank, leading russian bank is opening a center dedicated to Blockchain technologies.


In an official news release here is what SberBank is doing

Sberbank has opened a blockchain laboratory which will test cutting-edge blockchain technologies, generate ideas to develop blockchain-based solutions, create product prototypes, carry out pilot projects, and implement applied business solutions for Sberbank Group.

The blockchain laboratory will interact with Sberbank’s other laboratories to create synergies of the most advanced technologies. In addition, it will offer its competencies to other market participants through cooperation with start-ups, associations, communities, and alliances. The laboratory also has the goal of popularising blockchain and providing assistance in the preparation of educational programmes in this area.

The blockchain laboratory will hire specialists who have experience in working with blockchain and cooperating with business for the purpose of creating and implementing ideas related to existing products and generating new approaches to business tasks.

“Blockchain can considerably reshape many business areas related to the financial market, as well as classic activities of the bank and our clients,” said Igor Bulantsev, Sberbank’s Senior Vice President, Head of Sberbank CIB. “Mastering, developing, and implementing the most promising technologies is an important element of our competitiveness as a bank and an indispensable part of our future as a tech company. It is important to note that blockchain helps market participants cooperate more efficiently. Hence, Sberbank is making a contribution to the future of the banking industry and our country by launching the blockchain laboratory.”

Sberbank has created more than 20 blockchain-based pilot projects, including joint solutions with Severstal,, and the Federal Antimonopoly Services, which have already been put into practice.


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