Ripple Recovers After Today’s Announcement, and it is Just the Beginning.

Immediately after the announcement of Ripple’s partnership with Moneygram, the price of XRP has skyrocketed, reaching up to 2.53 Usd. After a few up and down, the price seems to have stabilized around 2.33, based on Livecoinwatch data. But in the next few hours,  in Asia they will be morning, and they will wake up with the news of the collaboration of Ripple and Moneygram.

If the reaction of Asian investors will be similar to that of European and American investors, the price of XRP could rise further, to finally leave behind the negative trend that had characterized the last days, and return above the 3 usd per unit.

It is important to remember that DMM  exchange, the new Japanese platform with 24 million customers, has finally opened, although it will not be possible to buy cryptocurrencies until tomorrow. We expect a positive trend in the next 24 hours, unless  big changes or announcement.

Ripple is making waves on its own terms and works in a different way to the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum, which most likely means that people are happy to invest in the currency. In the world of cryptocurrency, it’s always difficult to compare as each one offers a different solution to a problem. Bitcoin has become more like a mainstream currency for a simple store of value that can be traded in a decentralized way. Ethereum is an incredible tool with smart contracts, which could hold the key to an autonomous future, and Ripple has its expertise in providing quick and seamless transitions between financial institutions.

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