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Press Release: Ripple News Tech is Considering Buying Offers

Ripple News Tech was born only seven days ago, but it was designed a few months ago by blockchain experts, journalists and respected people in the fintech sector.

In just seven days of activity, it has reached over 300,000 people from all over the world. The site is currently free and without any kind of advertising; it became the reference point for the Twitter and Reddit community linked to Ripple. How is it possible? Thanks to the quality of our articles, our analysis, the guest posts, but above all thanks to our sources, that allowed us to write the exclusive before every newspaper in the world.

We wrote in exclusive the agreement between Western Union and Ripple, Unicredit, the decision of some European banks to consider Ripple and just yesterday (12 hours before an official press release) the agreement between Moneygram and Ripple.

Our site has been re-launched by major economic media such as Business Insider and Bloomberg. Some journalists from the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, CNN, CNBC and Fox contacted us to learn more about Ripple technology, but above all to understand how an independent site had such reliable sources.

The fact is simple: seriousness, competence and independence are the basis for good journalism.In these 7 days we have helped 1200 people via chat answering questions and requests.

We are seriously considering these offers, but our goal is to remain an independent publication.
We thank the Ripple community again for their support and trust. We are proud to work for an extraordinary community. 

If you have any suggestions, questions or ideas, write to

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