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After the Collapse, Should You Buy XRP at the Current Price? Definitely Yes

The collapse of the XRP listing was certainly caused by the strong rally that the cryptocurrency had registered in recent weeks. Thanks to a very marked appreciation, Ripple had arrived to undermine the role of Bitcoin. As XRP became the second cryptocurrency by capitalization, many investors preferred to lighten their position on the BTC by targeting XRP. In this context, reports  saw Ripple destined to be bigger than Bitcoin if it had exceeded the  $ 6.7. Well, yesterday’s crash has dismantled this scenario and the XRP price has dropped 40% compared to the record of $ 3.84 reached just 4 days ago. Beyond the graphic issues, the collapse of Ripple was caused by a cover-up between negative elements. The first negative factor that has led many to speak of the Ripple bubble was the decision by Coinmarketcap to exclude the quotations reported by the South Korean platforms. These platforms are highly regarded as they traditionally trade with a strong premium compared to other platforms. competitors. But there is also something else. The collapse of Ripple was caused by the denial that came from Coinbase, the company that manages the world’s main digital financial instruments exchange, about the rumors of the press about the short-term inclusion of XRP among the exchangeable coins on its platform. But this fall in price is the best opportunity to buy XRP at a great price, as Ripple is expected to announce collaborations on several fronts, in various countries of the world.

The strong downside of Ripple, however, does not seem to worry the experts too much. According to Jeff Koyen, CEO of 360 Blockchain USA, “it was a great weekend for the altcoins and today we are witnessing a phase of generalized correction”. If such words were true, Ripple today could attempt a recovery after yesterday’s crash and therefore investing on the XRP listing at these prices would be profitable. Yet, not that the collapse of Ripple is not at all a road accident seem to suggest those that are the new numbers of the cryptocurrency that had come to “threaten” the prestige of Bitcoin. In fact, due to the collapse, the value of Ripple fell again below 100 billion dollars and the currency returned to the third in the ranking of the most capitalized digital currencies being overtaken by Ethereum.

The advice of our sources is to buy now and do not miss this opportunity to buy so low before the next rise.

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