Italy’s Unicredit bank may adopt Ripple for international payments soon

An analysis from Unicredit Bank, a leading european bank based in Italy suggest they could start to use Ripple for international payments soon.

The analysis presented in Rome in 2016 titled “Blockchain: a Stategic vision” shows a clear roadmap for Unicredit bank related to blockchain technologies.

“Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the financial industry.
Blockchain technology has the potential to not only reduce costs increase, process efficiency and security, but also to change the business model in specific use cases of the financial industry.

Collaboration between financial institutions, regulatory bodies, universities and Fintech start-ups is needed.

The study of blockchain technology contributes to research into new ideas and opportunities in UniCredit”

In the next slide, report suggests that Unicredit will start to adopt blockchain technologies for international payments in 2-3 years.

In the section related to international payment solutions reports suggest Ripple as technology to adopt. In fact Unicredit is a partner of Ripple company.

A source from Milan, told us that Unicredit is working hard on blockchain technologies and collaboration with Ripple is strong, according to his analysis he affirmed that Unicredit may start to test Ripple for international payments.

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