Coincheck Have Just Recieved 25,271,812.985925 XRP

Coincheck, one of the largest exchange in Japan, has just recieved a huge amount of XRP, according to the tweet by XRPL Monitor:

This transaction can be read as a sign of confidence by the big exchanges in XRP, forecasting the big news coming from the asian market, that will see the debut of DMM Exchange within 2-3 days. This new platform will give the chance to more than 24 million customers to buy and trade XRP.

Coincheck is a major Japanese cryptocurrency company established in 2014. It offers several types of financial services and platforms in Japan and throughout Asia. In April, 2018 Coincheck Inc. was acqured by Japanese jiant Monex.


It is licensed by Japan’s Financial Services Agency, as required by local law. Last year Japan became the first country to introduce regulation of cryptocurrencies and exchanges on a national levels and confirmed its position among the cryptocurrency pioneers of the world.

Update: On January 26, 2018 Coincheck became the victim of the largest heist in cryptocurrency history so far. Unknown hackers breached the security of the exchange’s hot wallet and stole NEM (XEM) coins worth $530 million in client funds. Coincheck suspended trading and promised to return the funds to its clients. It was revealed that the coins were kept in an online hot wallet, which was a hack waiting to happen and Coincheck was not using a multisignature security system to make sure all transactions are validated by a third party, before being processed. 


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