XRP Could Soon Become Bigger Than Bitcoin for Market Capitalization

The Market Capitalisation of a cryptocurrency refers to the value of the whole digital currency in circulation and is calculated by multiplying the supply of the virtual coin per price per unit. The total amount of XRP circulating at the moment is around 38 Billions with a market cap of around 100 Billions, The total amount of bitcoin is around 21 million, but there are 16 millions circulating right now. Its market cap is around 250 Billions.

If Ripple will rise around 6.80 Usd, its market cap will be bigger than bitcoin, becoming the first cryptocurrency for capitalisation. This means that XRP would have to gain around 165% to surpass bitcoin, and seen last month’s trend it is not impossible.

The advantage of ripple (and of other competitors such as ethereum) consists in having a much higher amount of coins in circulation, which therefore makes it possible to have the cost per unit extremely lower than that of bitcoins.

The bitcoin domain is still quite strong at the beginning of 2018, but as already demonstrated in the past, it is highly unstable, and this will definitely favor the rise of more stable and cheaper cryptocurrencies, and the one in the front line to become the main cryptocurrency is Ripple.

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