Morgan Stanley keeps a close watch on Ripple technology

According to a 2016 paper authored by Morgan Stanley analysts, Ripple technology might be disruptive

A paper authored by Huw Van Steenis, Betsy L. Graseck, Fiona Simpson and James E. Faucette – senior managers and analysts at Morgan Stanley, this year the finance industry won’t be impacted by blockchain technologies on large scale, but the change is already very close.

According to the analysis
International payments have friction in them with multi-day settlement times and
a relatively slow bank settlement system. Moving to a blockchain should shorten settlement periods, speed up transactions
and reduce the risk of fraud […] SWIFT and Ripple are both leading interesting suggestions for international payments.

Morgan Stanley affirms that they keep a close watch on Ripple and its cross-border payment offerings which look to bridge faster domestic payment systems between countries.

As we reported Ripple CEO affirmed that they are dealing with banks and money transfer on Fox Business interview.

Many banks joined Ripple’s technology in the past years and many will join, but important for Ripple technology will be the development of its products and the adoption of xCurrent, xRapid and xVia.

The paper have been written during 2016, but some conclusion that authors suggested are becoming reality.

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