Don’t Panic, XRP is Not Collapsing.

Today, whoever is used to check the price of XRP on Coinmarketcap, has faced a bad surprise, with a price fall of over 20%. Fortunately this is not due to an actual fall of the cryptocurrency, but has another explanation: the managers of the site Coinmarketcap have decided to exclude from the price shown Korean prices, thus lowering significantly the average price at which the currency is exchanged .

Ripple community and all its investors were really surprised by the decision of the website of not informing its visitors about this change on the shown price. Some agree with the decision of coimarketcap and others not, but one thing makes everyone agree: the site should have warned its users in time, thus avoiding panic among investors due to lack of communication.

Now we believe that Coimarketcap managers are responsible for reassuring their users and dispelling any doubts about the transparency of their actions, or there could be a huge decline in confidence on the part of all the people who considered it as a point of reference in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Now many mainstream media are talking about “fall of Ripple”, but this is a fake news. Many users on Twitter and Reddit communities are reacting as shown below


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