Ukrainian Banks Are Considering to Use Ripple for Financial Transactions

Last month, Coindesk revealed that the Ukrainian central bank is expanding its team working on the migration of the Ukrainian national currency on a blockchain. Yakiv Smolii, acting governor of the central bank  said: “Today, we’ve reinforced our team with world-class professionals and are optimistic that the project will get a boost in upcoming months.” And then he added: “National bank of Ukraine is looking forward to implementation of e-hryvnia based on blockchain technology. We consider blockchain as the next step in evolution of transactions technologies, which will become more popular and widespread during the next decades.”

The name of the team working on this important project  has never made public, but thanks to Twitter user cryptfx, we could connect Ripple as a likely partner of the Ukrainian central bank. Cryptfx pointed out an article published on Interfax in 2015, which contains the words of Innovecs CEO and co-founder Alex Lutskiy: “In the nearest future we plan to connect Ukrainian banks to the internet protocol Ripple which will cryptographically secure financial transaction data and will allow to reduce the costs and speed up payments due to the system openness and absence of mediators.”Here you can find cryptfx’s original tweet:

At Ripple News Tech, we strongly believe that Ripple is behind this top secret team, and if it were true, there could be a substantial increase in the price of XRP in the next months.

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