Our 2018 Predictions about Ripple and Cryptocurrencies

In the past year, we saw the rise of Bitcoin and all the other cryptocurrencies that followed it. The digital currencies currently on the market are more than 1200, but most of them lack a fundamental thing: a purpose.

There has been so much speculation in 2017 about this phenomenon that most people have forgotten that if a currency is created without a purpose, it is undoubtedly doomed to fail. And this is exactly what we think will happen in 2018  to most of cryptocurrencies that do not aim to solve real problems for real people. In the long term, only those that will be truly useful to banks, institutions or citiziens will survive.

The time of speculation is about to give way to a greater knowledge and awareness of the cryptocurrencies and how they really work.It will be a relatively long process, which will start in 2018 but probably will not end in the same year. The market cap of the cryptocurrencies will keep increasing, but it’s not easy to say till where it can go.

We have been advised by our sources to keep a stock of bitcoins to operate with the emerging cryptocurrencies for short term trades. In this year digital currencies like Paccoin can be a really interesting investment for the short time.

If you are looking for a good long term investment, we strongly think this will be the year of Ripple. Its technology solves real problems, like moving huge amounts of money from a country to another with extremely low fees, the company is solid, already cooperating with hundreds of important partners and it has a real scope, it is not driven by speculation. For sure there will be negative periods during the year, but who will have the courage not to sell in these moments, on the long distance, this cryptocurrency can really give enormous satisfaction.


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