Ripple CEO confirms Ripple News Tech scoop: banks are joining Ripple’s payment network

Yesterday, our news site published an article where we wrote that some EU Banks are approaching Ripple technology

Our sources confirmed that one bank could release some news within January. The deal is open, but Ripple and the bank based in France are deciding on last details.

After some hours from our report, The New York Times published an article criticizing Ripple and its technology, opening some doubts about the company behind the Ripple technology. Here you find the link on our site where we talk about that.

The good is that CEO of Ripple, mr Garlinghouse replied to the NYT reporter, confirming our scoop.



This morning some analyst based in London, working for a big US firm focused on cryptocurrencies decided to speak under the condition of anonymity with us have named some potential banks dealing with Ripple technology, confirming our sources and our report.


The problem is not if banks will join Ripple’s technology, but when…

One of them told us, but for sure they bet Ripple will continue to grow. The real threat for Ripple, as confirmed from many, at the moment is not the volatility, but regulators. For example, “EU regulator chief is already watching the situation, but at the moment there is no reason to fear a direct attack to Ripple and its venture”, he added.




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