Bank analyst: Investing on Ripple is like to invest on a company’s stock

After CoinBase claimed that won’t add Ripple for now and while XRP is -15%

We asked a bank analyst which works for a leading investment bank based in New York to comment and give his point of view about Ripple and its future.

“My personal opinion on Ripple is that it is one of the few currencies that makes sense to buy because it has a company behind it with a life beyond cryptocurrency.

That is, it is very similar to a stock of a private company

Now, there are many companies that make cryptocurrencies, but the problem is: who is behind?  Many are just projects and won’t generate any cash flow for years.  No sense for us.

And in fact many cryptocurrencies go up and down everyday and you don’t really understand why. In fact you don’t see similar volatility on other currencies or commodities with a strong technology or a serious company project.

Anyway the problem for Ripple is the generic cryptos market: frauds. So I think many cryptocurrencies will fail for a statistical reason.

My suggestion is to check who is really behind Ripple: investors, programmers, managers, board of directors and its partners. If you really do a serious research and you don’t follow the fake news you will understand that Ripple will survive and will do serious things in the next coming months”

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