Ripple Wallet Review: Toast Wallet

If you are planning to buy some Ripple, the first thing you need to do is to find a safe, easy to use and practical wallet. The one in which we find all these features is Toast wallet.

Toast wallet is available for all platforms, and it is incredibly easy to use. First thing to do is to set a pin for your wallet, and then a passphrase to recover your wallet in case you forget the pin.

Make sure you write down your informations in a safe place, otherwise it could be very hard to recover your credentials.
















Once you set the pin and the passphrase, the app gives you the chance to make a backupo copy instantly; we strongly advise to do that in order to never lose your XRP.

After that, you will have your ripple address ready. You will nedd to use it to recieve and to send money from the app.

If you click on “transactions” you will be able to see all the ripple you have sent or recieved.

Like bitcoin wallets, you can also send or recieve money with the qr code, that makes everything easier and faster.

To further demonstrate the seriousness of the company, to have your own address active you must have a minimum of 20 XRP, with no possibilities to go down below.

To open a wallet with Toast wallet, download the app from the App Store in Ios or Android, or visit this link.


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