Here is Why Coinbase Could Send Ripple Really High

Coinbase is one of the most largest exchanges in the world, active in 32 countries. Here all the people not particularly skilled with this emerging technology have the possibility to exchange flat currency for the major cryptocurrencies. The ease of access is one of the most important thing for a cryptocurrency. The easier it is to buy it, the more the demand will be increased: this means that the value will increase too.

Ripple is undoubtedly the cryptocurrency of the moment, and its acceptance by Coinbase has been more than a rumor in the past weeks.

Coinbase’s Chief Executive Officer has told CNBC that more altcoins will be added in 2018.

When Bitcoin Cash was added to the platform, its price jumped from around 1900 usd to over 4100 usd in just two days. That is why it makes sense to say that it can happen the same thing to ripple and its price, reaching unexplored highs.


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