5 Reasons to buy Ripple in 2018

if you are asking yourself if you should still buy ripple in these days, here there are some reasons to keep believing in Ripple (XRP):

  1. In 2015, the Federal Reserve created a task force that includes 320 banks, regulators and tech companies. The goal of the team is to create a system for fast payments in the United States of America. Ryan Zagone, responsible for the  Lab of the business development team, was elected by the Federal Reserve to represent tech companies and provide the laboratory experience on the emerging blockchain technology.
  2. At the end of december 2017, the company created a guarantee deposit of 55 billion XRP. This deposit intends to demonstrate that ripple does not intend to manipulate the market with the reserves at its disposal. If you decide to buy ripple, then you can be relax: from the company there are no intentions to proceed with a devaluation.
  3.  In may 2017, Ripple entered into a commercial agreement with BitGo, a digital blockchain service provider for digital currency exchanges. Thanks to this agreement, at the end of 2017 about 50 digital asset exchange included ripple in the price lists. This is great for ripple rlong term prospects.
  4. The San Francisco based company has more and more support from the banks. Over 100 banks and international financial institutions support RippleNet. Some of these banks operate in Europe, such as Credit Agricol and Intesa Sanpaolo.
  5. Coinbase may soon add XRP to their price list. Rumors say that this inclusion could take place on january 8, and would result in a new consolidation of the XRP listing.



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